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Fundamentally Flawed

Right off the bat, it's important to acknowledge that humans are complex creations. Each having wavering moods, feelings, and emotions. Perhaps the most defining and yet, most disappointing underlying truth of our species is our self- driven nature. The need to always cater to ourselves with unrelenting priority. To look at every situation in a crude and selfish manner, to eye undeserving gains and overall create an abysmal sense of bubbling from the rest of the universe. I am in no sense trying to suggest that what we happen to experience is wrong, it's just flawed.. fundamentally flawed, flawed in ways in which being this sense of obscurity is accepted. Yet perhaps, this is a greater misgiving, to accept the fundamentally flawed. What is flawed you ask? The fundamental act of being spurious in an attempt to sabotage a situation to increase one’s stakes in this stampede city called society in which each sees fit to trample the other to see himse

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